Behold Studios was a gift, placed on the doorstep of my heart.  It was a gift I didn’t know how to receive, nor describe.  I didn’t quite know what to do with it, but I continued to study it, to wonder, to dream. Today,  Behold is functioning, moving, and growing. 

What is Behold? 
Think ‘studio,’ think ‘retreat‘!  It is a unique and creative gathering of women with one goal –  to lean in and ‘behold’ the presence of God. 

About Kim 

I enjoy many things: 

  • A good laugh 
  • Out-of-print books 
  • Surprises that delight the heart 
  • The sound of water 
  • Measured solitude 
  • The hush of the world early in the morning 
  • New revelations from God’s word

I am thankful for: 

  • The beauty captured in overlooked wonders 
  • The abandoned joy of children deep in play 
  • The wisdom of those up in years 
  • How flowers thrive on rock ledges 
  • All kindnesses genuinely offered 
  • The ability of a soul that discovers it can persevere

I love:

  • Jesus!
  • Forgiveness
  • The power of kind words
  • That prayer travels faster than light
  • That mercy is new every morning
  • Historical markers
  • That family loves you anyway
  • That friendships can last forever
  • That I sit at the right hand of God  
I value:

  • The gift of those with a listening ear
  • Those who confidentially and intently listen to others
  • The freedoms in this country
  • That Jesus takes brokenness and makes it whole 
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